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In construction as in relationships a firm foundation sets the basis for growth, progress and establishment. A solid concrete slab is where all buildings begin. This type of foundation is the least expensive, quickest to install and works great on level sites and warm climates. From skyscrapers to one floor buildings, let us pour the concrete. Our concrete foundations transform the bare ground into reliable substructures. We provide a diligent site preparation, formwork and experienced labor. The first layer should be the strongest one.

Custom Homes

Here we go again. Mom loves a spacious kitchen, dad must have a three cars garage and the kids want a room for each one. The master bedroom is perfect, but the bathroom has no natural light. The family area has amazing features, but who wants a brick chimney in the middle of the room? If you have a specific dream don’t settle for less. If you can dream it we can build it, and we will be with you every step of the way. Your way, our expertise. There’s no going wrong.


Each one of us has a unique personal idea of what a steppingstone to achieve our goals might look like; a past job, an acquaintance, a life changing book or experience. Reyes Concrete Construction will leave that to you, in reciprocity, leave to us, the experts, your pavers or steppingstones requirements. Red, gray, squared, rectangular, textured, brick shaped, random patterns, earth tones or naturally worn out looks; we use them independently, to create stepping stones or together to make a continuous path, like pieces of a grand puzzle we can only solve. An unbeatable way to improve the looks of your property.


They say half the fun is getting there, so getting to your home or garage should be a pleasurable experience. We are here to make that happen. Our beautifully designed walkways and driveways will make you halt and proudly proclaim this is mine. We can stain them in different colors or poured into eye-catching patterns, don’t be afraid to get creative. They require a low maintenance; sweeping and pressure washing when needed. Concrete lasts longer than any other driveway material and due to its light color, it stays cool enough for bare feet in summer.

Detention Ponds

Everyone enjoys a good swim now and then, but detention ponds serve another purpose. They are storm water control structures that provide retention and treatment of contaminated storm runoff water. Bare in mind that detention ponds that are improperly designed, sited, or maintained, may have potential adverse effects on water quality. Don’t risk it. Contact us, we know how to navigate the waters.


A beautiful path to your front door enhances your home and increases value. We have poured and created thousands of walkways in various shapes and designs. For your next walkway or walking path go with the pro’s at J Reyes concrete.

Curbs & Gutters

Don’t curb your enthusiasm, curb the road. Curbs and gutters have various functions that we should definitely consider when giving the finishing touches to a job besides the aesthetic aspect . First to channel runoff water or low-speed traffic, second to provide structural support to the pavement, and third to separate the road from the roadside and prevent drivers from parking on sidewalks or lawns. Rest assured Reyes Concrete Construction can handle any curb!


Home extensions are big decisions to be taken alone, avoid expensive mistakes, and don’t panic, Jimmy Reyes Concrete Construction will make any project come true. Exciting, isn’t it? Our work ethic is simple, but effective: plan, design and construct by your, taste, needs and budget. Tip: Most remodels include updates to the plumbing, electrical and heating systems, but a good make over always helps to keep you young and beautiful, and that goes for your home too. Remodels or additions, ideally update a property and when well done they make a home functional and inspiring for another ten years+.

Concrete Paving

If you are in the market to get a pavement or concrete slab poured for a driveway or commercial complex. Jimmy Reyes Concrete Construction can help. Our project manager will walk you through the process and procedures to make sure your slab or foundation is solid and to the quality and standards you expect it to be.


Ready to turn on the grill and flip some burgers? Sit in a cozy chair and enjoy a cold drink. Gather around a fire pit to roast marshmallows. Colorful furniture, a wonderful shade. The options are endless. Forget of muddy backyards and relentless weeds give your family a new open room, an outdoor living space that will blow their minds, by simply pouring in a concrete patio by Jimmy Reyes Concrete Construction. With our professional guidance and help there’s no going wrong. 

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